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Retail Selling in Laval

Want to deal with an infestation yourself or just get information regarding pest control products in Laval?

Come see us at our store located at 477 des Laurentides Boulevard in Laval. We have at your disposal a team ready to listen and provide you with information on all types of infestations, our pest management services and domestic products.

We can provide:

  • fact sheets with safety measures and product use information

  • liquid formula insecticides (crawling insects)

  • powdered formula insecticides (crawling insects)

  • aerosol insecticides (crawling and flying insects)

  • rat poison (rodents)

  • insect and rodent traps (sticky traps and spring traps)

  • traps to capture wild animals (cages of all sizes)

Even with the right information in hand and the determination to eliminate a pest infestation yourself, the job can be very difficult. It is highly recommended to always hire a licensed pest professional for pest control.

When you do hire a pest management company, always make sure they are a member of the Association Québécoise de Gestion Parasitaire (AQGP), the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and that they are CAA Home Recommended Providers.

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